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Lone Worker Safety Solutions


Argus-Hazco offers a wide selection of Grace Industries Lone Worker Safety Solutions.

Grace's line of Radio Telemetry devices combine the features of audible alarm devices and smart signaling technology which allows for communication between Grace products.

Lone Worker Video Grace Industries Lone Worker Solutions

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What is an Employer's Responsibility For Lone Worker Safety?

Regarding Lone Workers: Do you know the responsibility that OSHA places on employers?

OSHA Section 5(a)(1) General Duty Clause to furnish to employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees.

and… OSHA 1915.84(a) Except as provided in § 1915.51(c)(3) of this part, whenever an employee is working alone, such as in a confined space or isolated location, the employer shall account for each employee:

1915.84(a)(1) Throughout each work shift at regular intervals appropriate to the job assignment to ensure the employee's safety and health; and…

We are proud to partner with Grace Industries, Inc., a world leader in motion sensing personal safety accountability monitors and emergency signaling systems for Lone Workers and Mobile Lone Workers. Audible and motion sensing man-down PASS Alarms and wireless radio telemetry TPASS alarms provide safety monitoring , evacuation, and location of workers in any situation. Taking our lone worker applications “on the road”, we have teamed up with vehicular telematics specialist to provide a GPS enabled Mobile Lone Worker solution.

Lone Worker Check-In Systems don’t work! A Grace real-time immediate notification system will alert you within seconds of a panic or motion-sensing alarm.

Replace your check-in system with real time protection.

The Orange Line (LTX200) is limited to just “one-way” transmitting of an alarm to receiver; and the Yellow Line features “two-way” operation which can BOTH Transmit AND Receive radio signals. The yellow line is used in our evacuation system (MS1000X) and interfaces to other existing alerting systems (fire, security, and process control). When combined with the Grace Locator, the Grace Locator tells you “where to look” when a user is in alarm.

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Here are a Few Ideas to Help You Understand How Smart Signaling Technology Can Be Used With Various Grace Products. Your Argus-Hazco Rep Will Help To Customize a One-of-a-kind Unique Solution To Fit Your Needs.

Example 1: SC500 monitored by another SC500; add a patented Grace Locator to receive location upon alarm 

grace industries


Example 2: TPASS® 3 monitored by an SC500; add a patented Grace Locator to receive location upon alarm.

Grace Lone Worker


Example 3: SC500 combined with the MS1000X; add a telephone dialer and add a patented Grace Locator along with another SC500 to monitor location upon alarm.  

Lone Worker Safety


Example 4: TPASS® 3 monitored by SC500 and also monitored by a MS1000X; add a telephone dialer, and add a patented Grace Locator to receive location upon alarm.

Lone Worker Solutions


Example 5: SC500 combined with the SMS-AT; add a telephone dialer and add a patented Grace Locator, the SMS-AT monitors real time location. 

Rugged No Monthly Fees Affordable Lone Worker Protection


Example 6: TPASS® 3 monitored by an SMS-AT; add a telephone dialer and add a patented Grace Locator; the SMS-AT monitors real time location. 

Grace Life Safety


Example 7: TPASS® 3 monitored by SC500 and also monitored by SMS-AT; add a telephone dialer and add a patented Grace Locator; the SMS-AT monitors real time location. 

Grace Industries And Argus Hazco


Example 8: SC500 monitored by Grace Watch; add a patented Grace Locator to use the newest feature of displaying real time location on a floor plan, and add a telephone dialer and use the email/text feature of Grace Watch to alert by email and text messaging.

Lone Workers Become Safe


Example 9: TPASS® 3 monitored by Grace Watch; add a patented Grace Locator to use the newest feature of displaying real time location on a floor plan, and add a telephone dialer and use the email/text feature of Grace Watch to alert by email and text messaging.

Loneworker Solutions


Example 10: TPASS® 3 monitored by SC500 and also monitored by Grace Watch; add a patented Grace Locator to use the newest feature of displaying real time location on a floor plan, and add a telephone dialer and use the email/text feature of Grace Watch to alert by email and text messaging.

Loneworker Safety Systems

Read More About The Various Grace Products Available Through Argus-Hazco.

Grace Industries Lone Worker Man-Down Wireless Panic Alarms


Two-way signaling man-down alarm which provides total accountability by immediately identifying, by name, any person(s) whose TPASS® 3 is in alarm.

Watch TPASS® 3 Video

Read More About The TPASS® 3


SuperCell SC500SuperCELL® SC500

This alarm transmits and receives signals for ease of monitoring other SuperCELL® and Grace Industries' safety alarms.

Read More about the SuperCell® SC500

View Product Technical Specifications



One-way signaling, man-down rescue alarm. This personal safety alarm is a rugged, impact and high temperature resistant device. 

Read More about the TPASS® LTX 200

View Product Technical Specifications

Both our Orange & Yellow Line are then broken down into either Co-Monitoring solutions or Base Monitoring solutions. Co-Monitoring allows for two or more worker worn devices (SuperCell® SC500 or TPASS® 3) to monitor each other, while Base Monitoring uses either a fixed (MS900/MS1000/SMS-AT/WatchDog™) or portable base receiver ( Portable Worksite Alarm) to monitor one or more worker worn devices. Deciding which method is best for you depends upon your operational need. Many users take advantage of a mixed system of both co-monitoring and base monitoring.

Grace Industries Base Monitoring Solutions


Receives emergency signals from Grace Industries products OR YOUR EXISTING ALARM SYSTEM and activates the alarm and strobe light. 

Read More about the MS1000X



Receives emergency signals from Grace Industries man down alarms and activates the alarm and strobe light. 

Watch MS900R Video

Read More About The MS900R


Provides a "real time" indication of a worker's safety status by monitoring the radio telemetry signals from their Grace devices.

Read More About The SMS Safety System

View Product Technical Specifications


Computer based two-way signaling employee safety monitoring system providing immediate notification of personnel in distress.

Read More About the Grace-Watch Monitor

View Product Technical Specifications

Grace Industries Accesories To Enhance Lone Worker Protection

LocatorGrace Locator

Strategically placed within a building so that when a user passes in front of this device their TPASS® 3 or SC500 is coded to indicate their location which is then polled when the unit goes into alarm mode.

T3 RepeaterT3 Repeater - Enhance Signal Strength in areas of weak to no coverage!

Receive and re-transmit signals from lone worker man down alarms to a base receiver such as Grace Watch or MS900/1000. Perfect for dealing with signal loss due to large facilities, multiple rooms, thick walls, windows, or other obstacles which can cause interference!

View Product Technical Specification

Special Telemetry Kits and Bundles From Grace Industries

Confined Space Telemetry Kit

Includes: 2 TPASS® 3 alarms, 1 SuperCELL® SC500 supervisor monitor, 1 portable worksite alarm, & 1 Micro TPASS® Repeater.

Watch The Confined Space Telemetry Kit Video

Read More About The Confined Space Kit


Fire KitFirefighter Telemetry Kit

Affordable Firefighter Accountability in 45 seconds or less. Simply set the portable incident alarm on the ground, turn the key, wait 45 seconds, and you're done. Includes: 15 TPASS® 3 Firefighter devices, 2 SuperCELL® SC500 Portable Incident Command Monitors, & 1 Portable Incident Alarm.

Watch The Firefighter Telemetry Kit Video

Read More About The Firefighter Telemetry Kit

Grace Industries NonTelemetry Audible Alarms & Personal Safety Lighting

Mandown Panic AlarmsLite Trackers

Utilizes a proprietary light multiplying principle that offers high visibility from all directions within one mile. MSHA APPROVED.

Watch Lite Tracker Videos

Read More About Lite Trackers

Glow Batons

From aircraft carriers to highway crews, Glow Baton® 100 HD is a waterproof marshaling wand designed for 144 hours of extreme use. 

Read More About Glow Batons

View Product Technical Specifications


Super Pass 2Super PASS® 2

UL Intrinsically Safe. Our smallest, lightest, & loudest stand alone PASS device. Audible Alarm Only. Cannot Communicate With Other Grace Products.

Watch Super PASS 2 Video

View Product Technical Specifications

SuperPASS 3Super PASS® 3

Super PASS® 3 was designed and tested to meet the life safety needs of firefighters.

Read More About The SuperPASS® 3

View Product Technical Specifications

MRA Mine Rescue AlarmMRA Mine Rescue Alarm

MSHA Approved Personal Distress Alarm specifically engineered for Mining and Tunneling Workers. 

Watch MRA Mine Rescue Alarm Video

Read More About The MRA Mine Recue Alarm

MRA Mine Rescue Alarm

MRA Mine Rescue Alert Beacon

MSHA Approved. Deployed by the miner who activates the alarm and drops them at strategic locations for rescue teams to follow 

Watch MRA Mine Rescue Alert Beacon Video

Read More About The MRA Mine Recue Alert Beacon

Satisfied Customer Case Studies

Click a heading below to view Case Studies and Testimonials which demonstrate Grace Lone Worker Systems in various applications.

Geothermal Applications

Lone Worker Application: Argus Hazco, Geothermal, Southeast US


Grace received an inquiry from an Electric Company in the Southeastern US. As a result of a risk assessment, the topic of Lone Workers….employees working alone or in remote areas came up as an item of concern.  

Periodically, an employee would be working alone in one of their facilities. This was not the first attempt at addressing their concern. The company had already purchased a solution from another vendor. Their reason for contacting Grace was a concern surrounding the unreliability of their existing system. Employees complained of frequent dead batteries and false alarms.

Grace placed a call to Argus-Hazco to assess and recommend. Argus-Hazco addressed their problem of dead batteries with a Grace 80 hour rechargeable TPASS3 with advanced accelerometer to eliminate the false alarms caused by tilt-type sensors. After demonstrating how the system worked it was decided that they would use it in all three of their facilities.


Now, when an employee is alone…and classified as a Lone Worker, they know that the Grace Industries device is part of their standard PPE with the same importance as their hard hat, gloves, shoes and safety glasses. Along with restored confidence in protecting their Lone Workers, they have the support of their local Argus-Hazco representative.


When asked if they would recommend this system to another company with Lone Workers…. the answer was …YES!


Lone Worker Application: Argus Hazco, Geothermal, West Coast US


Grace Industries Lone Worker Solution was selected by a west coast Geothermal Plant. The facility has multiple remote sites requiring 24/7 staffing. Plans to implement off-site monitoring with one employee created the need for an OSHA compliant Lone Worker Solution. Their Director of Safety realized that more than their existing radio check-in procedure was needed and found the Grace solution provided immediate notification of a lone worker in distress. His research found many systems were too specific, indoor only, outdoor only, monthly monitoring costs, no on-going technical support; and found that the functionality and flexibility of Grace Industries Lone Worker equipment best met their specific needs.

After a very successful on-site demonstration of the equipment by an Outside Sales Representative of Argus-Hazco, the company had to put the project on hold. Their Director of Safety stated how much he appreciated The sales associate’s patience and willingness to continue to provide any requested information before they had a “go” on the project. He was also pleased with the support they received from the technical support team at Grace Industries.

The company is very satisfied with how the system works and how easy it is to use. The Grace System alerts are sent to their HMI computer at the site, so the Operator receives an audible alarm on the computer. All of their HMI’s at each remote site “talk” to each other on the WAN so anything displayed on one is displayed on all. If a worker is incapacitated, all the other sites will receive the same audible and visual alarm. They are very pleased with how well the system works and the ease of use. The Lone Worker System has been up and running at two of their sites; and they have a plan in place to bring the remaining sites on-line with the help of Argus-Hazco and Grace Industries.

Confined Space Applications

Confined Space Application: Argus Hazco, Progress Rail Amarillo, TX

tankcar railcar

There has been a Grace Industries’ Lone Worker System used in a confined space application at Progress Rail in Amarillo, Texas for over 15 years.  David Brecheen, EHS Manager of the Amarillo Car Shop explained how they started with the Grace portable GEMS system. When it was time to upgrade, there was no question that they would once again be relying on Grace Industries and Argus-Hazco  to recommend the best Grace system they should use to protect their workers.  David said, “This equipment has been proven many times in the past with fire departments, grain industry applications, and other high risk confined space entry operations…it was a no brainer.” 

Prior to having the man down system, a confined space “hole watch” or attendant, had to be assigned to each individual confined space entry; which meant every tank car or hopper car with a Confined Space Entry in progress required an attendant. Whether they’re blasting, painting or lining the inside of the tank cars and hopper cars, this system has helped increase and enhance the level of Confined Space Worker protection while meeting the OSHA 1910.146 regulations and requirements. The GEMS system also meets the standard for the OSHA LOI (letter of interpretation) for electronic monitoring of employees in multiple confined spaces.  The Grace Lone Worker/Confined Space Worker system is flexible, and has effectively increased confined space worker protection and operational efficiency.

David commented that employees love the system, train regularly with it, and use it to achieve rescue times of 4-7 minutes (or less), start to finish in certain areas.  David has recommended the Grace System to a number of other companies across a wide array of industries and applications. David is very pleased with the service and expertise of his Argus-Hazco safety specialist.


Cold Storage Applications


Cold Storage Lone Worker Application: CMS Bakery Solutions, Georgia US

Worker At CMS Wearing TPASS3 Unit

CSM Bakery Solutions is an international leader in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries. CSM’s facility in Georgia is the largest cold storage facility in the company with 300,000 square feet of freezer and cold storage space which includes 11 separate rooms.  

Mark Borah joined the company 8 years ago as 2nd Shift Supervisor and Safety Coordinator at their Georgia facility. With a background as a first responder for fire, ambulance and the Red Cross, Mark was very conscious of the safety concerns for the employees. Many of the employees would spend 5 to 8 hours isolated in individual cold storage rooms where all of the refrigeration equipment makes it too loud for a standard radio system which would also not be usable in the event one of the employees became incapacitated.

The building’s cooling system consists of miles of anhydrous and ammonia lines in a closed loop system. What if there was a leak? How could they get an evacuation message out? Some of the employees were older, what if one of them had a sudden heart attack or stroke and were unable to call for help? It could be hours before anyone realized there was a problem.


After extensive research, Mark spoke with Argus-Hazco about Lone Worker Systems from Grace Industries. The fact that the system components were modular and could be designed to provide a different alarm tone for man-down vs. ammonia leak were key features. Additionally, the ability to relay the signal to an external alarm close to the office, the ability to have an individual alarm for each area, the ability to cover one room that is in a distant section of the building and the cost-effectiveness of the system answered all of their needs.


As often happens, the employees were initially resistant to the change. In the beginning, one employee forgot to put on his device. It was a typical summer day in Georgia…high temperatures and higher humidity. Because of the temperature extremes traveling back and forth from the freezer to the loading dock he fainted.

Fortunately he was fine, but the employees then realized that with the system he would have been found much sooner and that this really was for their safety. The rechargeable TPASS 3’s are now considered part of their PPE, just like their steel-toe boots, gloves and safety glasses. When asked if he was pleased with the service of his Argus-Hazco rep, Mark said he really appreciated Argus Hazco's passion, knowledge of the system and expert installation.





CONTACT: Have questions or comments? Call USA at 1.800.332.0435 or Canada at 1.800.361.3201